Active Projects

10400 Santa Monica/TOC

An action and ongoing effort to enforce Measure JJJ’s requirement for affordable housing AND good jobs.  The bargain with voters was affordable housing AND good jobs in exchange for larger buildings.  The City is not enforcing the requirement of good jobs.  Also focuses on first-responders, building on or near earthquake faults.

Expo Overlay Zone

FTC is monitoring the effort to up-zone areas around Expo stations beyond the ability of the local infrastructure’s capacity.  This effort is focused on Pico Boulevard between Century City and the 405.

Hollywood Community Plan

An action to prevent a flawed community plan  from becoming the blueprint for the rest of the city with a focus on public safety and consistency with the general plan.

Bellwood Senior Living

192 senior housing residential units; 50,463 square feet of indoor common areas and 14,630 square feet of outdoor common areas. The proposed uses would be located within a single building ranging in height from 38 feet to 70 feet, or three to six stories. A total of 140 vehicle parking spaces would be provided within two subterranean levels beneath the proposed building.

Fox Studio Expansion

FTC is monitoring the effort to add over a million square feet of additional development to Century City in violation of the established trip caps in the Century City South Specific Plan.

Malcolm/Glendon Project

FTC has filed a Building and Safety Appeal to force compliance with the Alquist-Priolo Act.  The eastern building is built over a known fault trace and the western building had no seismic study at all and shows a mapped fault trace running through the property.

LAFD Response Times

Building on FTC’s ground-breaking statistical work in 2012 proving reported LAFD response times were flawed, FTC continues push for first responder resources which correspond to the increasing demand for services.

Fixing The City

FTC has funded projects that literally fix the city including lane delineators that have reduced accidents on Olympic Boulevard near Century City.

Community Benefits

FTC has worked to make resources available for local schools, parks, libraries, police and firefighters as well as provide for neighborhood beautification.

Upcoming/Early Stage Projects

Housing Enforcement

FTC is researching how well the City is enforcing covenants which guarantee affordable units in exchange for density bonuses.  FTC is also checking on the progress made by the City since the controllers audit.

West L.A. TIMP

FTC is monitoring the new West L.A. TIMP to make sure that it does not negatively impact traffic congestion and degrade response times.

City Budget

FTC reviews the city budget with a special emphasis on public safety, the special parking revenue fund and deferred infrastructure maintenance.


FTC seeks to ensure that the type, amount, and location of development be correlated with the provision of adequate supporting infrastructure and services.

Completed Projects

Pico/Olympic One-Way

FTC members led the fight to challenge the ill-conceived proposal to make Pico and Olympic one-way which would have created massive cut-through traffic in local neighborhoods.

Motion Picture Academy Museum

FTC worked with the Academy to address traffic, advertising and noise impacts.

SB 1818

FTC members successfully built a coalition of neighborhood groups and challenged the City’s over-generous interpretation of the density bonus law that had little to do with affordable housing and far more to do with uncontrolled development.

Casden Project

FTC worked with a broad coalition and the council office to challenge the Casden Project at Pico/Sepulveda in its originally proposed form on the basis of traffic and other impacts.

Quimby Funds

FTC worked with CD5 to ensure that the local councilperson must approve transfers of Quimby Funds out of their district.  Quimby funds are generated from residential development for park capital costs.

Catalina Project

An action to force the city to adhere to its own rules, laws and procedures for project approvals and general plan amendments as well as requiring consistency with the community and general plan.

8150 Sunset

An action designed to address public safety issues, require consistency with the community plan, require consistency with the general plan and to enforce an undisclosed covenant.

Mobility Plan 2035

An action and ongoing effort to prevent first-responder response times from degrading due to congestion as well as addressing procedural and air quality issues.