The MP2035 impact study predicted diminished response times for first responders.

FTC thought it would be a good idea to check FireStatLA to see what the city’s own data shows for the LAFD station on Rowena at the heart of the “road diet.”  (LAFD #56)

Without too much commentary – it looks like the city was unfortunately right – despite having not done any of the required study on the matter.  Response times have indeed suffered…

Remember: The overall citywide impact of numerous “road diets” is unknowable since, as stated above, no study was done on this critical issue.

Note that FireStatLA does not report the “arrival within 5 minutes, 90% of the time” metric.  FTC analysis of raw data shows that metric for FS56 at just 46.5% under 5 minutes – half of what it should be…

(As always – none of this should be taken as a criticism of our city’s heroes at the LAFD.  They do the best they can with diminishing resources, increasing congestion and increasing demand for service.)

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