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2005 Report Relevant to MP2035 Discussion: Does Light Rail Worsen Congestion and Air Quality?

The linked article discusses the “counterintuitive” prospect of decreasing VMT while increasing congestion and pollution.  It might provide a useful basis for discussion of MP2035. Congestion: The reduction of VMT is normally expected to reduce delays for the remaining motor vehicles. However, since the roadway capacity is reduced by two lanes, the smaller VMT might be […]

Examining Response Times For LAFD Station 56 on Rowena #MP2035

The MP2035 impact study predicted diminished response times for first responders. FTC thought it would be a good idea to check FireStatLA to see what the city’s own data shows for the LAFD station on Rowena at the heart of the “road diet.”  (LAFD #56) Without too much commentary – it looks like the city […]

CM Cedillo’s MP2035 Statement Made During Council [preliminary transcript]

CEDILLO: Members, let me add my voice to those who are concerned about inadequate community input, and public safety. My district is a district that is poverty stricken, pollutant-burdened, culturally diverse, linguistically diverse, and with respect to pedestrian fatalities, unfortunately number one, amongst those that are ranked within the data. I would love to support […]


Why Fix The City Opposes MP2035 – The “ImMobility” Plan

First off, FTC supports increasing mobility for Los Angeles.  We support encouraging alternatives to motor vehicles.  We support improved air quality.  Why then not support MP2035?  It is because MP2035 is not a mobility plan – it is a plan designed to create immobility while enabling increased development and density. MP2035 exposes itself as a […]

LAT: More than 40% of Los Angeles water pipes graded C or worse

The LA Times reported on the state of the City’s water infrastructure.  (LAT Story) “The new information about the decrepit state of the city’s water infrastructure comes amid increasing water conservation efforts as the state is seeking to cope with an unrelenting drought and as Angelenos express growing concern over recent major water pipe breaks […]

Fix The City Releases Los Angeles County Fire Department Response Data

Fix The City’s public records request and statistical analysis of LAFD records resulted in the disclosure of faulty response time data at that agency. Fix The City has now released an initial analysis as well as raw data for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The release of the data follows a months‐long effort to obtain the […]