One Day After Fix The City Win In Court, LAFD Restricts Access To Public Records

The Los Angeles Times is reporting today that the LAFD has halted its twitter feed and blocked access to response time data.

This action comes the day after Judge Allan Goodman ruled in favor of Fix The City on its Hollywood Community Plan lawsuit.  First-responder response times were one of the key aspects of the lawsuit.  We can only wonder if it is mere coincidence that the LAFD has blocked access to the very data that showed markedly longer fire response times.

Fix The City’s detailed analysis on LAFD records from 2007-2011 resulted in a breaking story by KNBC news and a long-running series of in-depth stories by the Los Angeles Times on LAFD response times.

The LAFD’s action today, if allowed to stand, would deny the public the ability to independently validate critical response time metrics, including those used to develop new community plans.

Fix The City is actively reviewing the matter.

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